Strawberry Runtz | Marijuana Strain Reviews (2024)


4.8 30 votes| 5 reviews

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Strawberry Runtz | Marijuana Strain Reviews (1) Sativa Dominant Hybrid - 70% Sativa / 30% Indica

THC: 36%

Strawberry Runtz is a sativa dominant hybrid strain (70% sativa/30% indica) created through crossing the delicious Runtz X Strawberry Banana strains. Named for its delicious flavor and celebrity heritage, Strawberry Runtz is the perfect tasty sativa for anyone who's looking for a quick-hitting wake-and-bake option. Like its name suggests, Strawberry Runtz has a mouthwatering taste of sweet and creamy strawberry candy with a light touch of grassiness to it, too. The aroma is grassier than the flavor, accented by sweet berries and tart strawberries that intensify in fruitiness as the nugs are broken apart and burned away. The Strawberry Runtz high hits you almost as soon as you're done with your first amazing exhale, rushing into your mind with a sense of giddy energy and euphoria. You'll find your mind filled with motivation and clear-headed focus that gets you moving on anything on your to-do list with ease. A stimulating tingly body high accompanies this heady state, getting you up and off of the couch in no time at all. Combined with its high 21-36% average THC level, these effects make Strawberry Runtz a great choice for treating chronic fatigue, depression, chronic stress, mood swings and cramps or muscle spasms. This bud has small rounded olive green nugs with purple undertones, red-orange hairs and frosty purple trichomes.

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Creative, Euphoria, Focus, Motivation, Tingly, Uplifting


Berry, Candy, Fruity, Strawberry, Sweet


Earthy, Fruity, Grassy, Herbal, Sour, Strawberry, Sweet


Creative, Euphoria, Focus, Motivation, Tingly, Uplifting

Relieve Symptoms

Chronic Pain, Cramps, Depression, Fatigue, Muscle Spasms, Stress


Berry, Candy, Fruity, Strawberry, Sweet


Earthy, Fruity, Grassy, Herbal, Sour, Strawberry, Sweet

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Photos Strawberry Runtz Marijuana Strain

Strawberry Runtz | Marijuana Strain Reviews (2)

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Strawberry Runtz | Marijuana Strain Reviews (3)

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Strawberry Runtz | Marijuana Strain Reviews (4)

Photos Strawberry Runtz Marijuana Strain

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Strawberry Runtz Reviews 4.8 4.8 30 votes| 5 reviews

Strawberry Runtz Reviews


4.8 30 votes| 5 reviews

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I thought this 70/30 Sativa blend was gonna be too much sativa for my tastes but completely surprised it was more indica friendly. I found it to be very creative and stress free. Plus the taste itself was great.

Consumption Method: PipesEffects I Feel: Calming, Creative, FocusHelp Me With: Depression, Stress

Couchbud - Posted June 13, 2024, 8:36 a.m.| Show detailsHide details

I think this is definitely a Indica Dominate strain tho lmao I smoked Strawberry Runtz at 7-8AM and I just woke up!!! It's 1PM but I feel great and refreshed lol awesome INDICA powers lol

Consumption Method: Vape PensEffects I Feel: Giggly, Relaxing, SleepyHelp Me With: Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue

Posted April 13, 2024, 9:59 a.m.| Show detailsHide details

Smell and taste are great but I get more Indica than Sativa. Great evening high

Consumption Method: PipesEffects I Feel: Calming, Hungry, RelaxingHelp Me With: Bipolar Disorder, Mood Swings, StressAromas: Berry, Candy, FruityFlavors: Berry, Candy, Strawberry

Posted March 21, 2024, 3:22 p.m.| Show detailsHide details

Strawberry runtz is a killer strain. It says Sativa dominate, but this guy is surely and Indica variety. Couch lock activation. It tastes like big bud x the cheese. Very pungent and it will make you think you are sitting next to a skunk that just shot it’s defense load. Very good

Consumption Method: PipesEffects I Feel: Calming, Happy, RelaxingHelp Me With: Anxiety, Depression, StressAromas: Pine, Pungent, Skunky, StrawberryFlavors: Cheesy, Pine, Skunky, Tangy

Posted Sept. 5, 2023, 7:27 a.m.| Show detailsHide details

Like other strawberry strains, smoking Strawberry Runtz feels like my brain is being cleaned. I have PTSD, OCD, and anxiety and depressive disorders, and this is such a fantastic feeling! I’ve been a daily smoker for over 5 years so have a high tolerance, but smoking just half a mini King Palm will couch lock me for 15-20 minutes as I sit in pure euphoria, then I’m up and productive, while also happy. I highly recommend Strawberry Runtz for those who suffer from illnesses such as mine, or anyone who needs a pick me up.

CannaAmy - Posted June 17, 2023, 5:38 p.m.

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Strawberry Runtz | Marijuana Strain Reviews (5)

Strawberry Runtz | Marijuana Strain Reviews (2024)


Is the strawberry runtz strain strong? ›

This 32% THC hybrid cross comes from crossing Kushberries to White Runtz, making this strain an ideal choice for seasoned smokers. Leafly customers tell us Strawberry Runtz effects include euphoric, sleepy, and creative.

Which runtz strain is the strongest? ›

What is the Strongest Runtz Strain?
  • Strawberry Runtz – 32% THC.
  • Coochie Runtz – 29% THC.
  • Runtz Muffin – 29% THC.
  • Greasy Runtz – 28% THC.
  • Gruntz – 27% THC.
Dec 30, 2023

What are the effects of Strawberry strain? ›

Strawberry is a sativa marijuana strain originating from the Netherlands. This strain produces effects that are uplifting and relaxing. Strawberry is a popular choice for those prone to anxiety due to its stress-relieving qualities. Medical marijuana patients choose Strawberry for reducing physical and mental pain.

How does runtz strain make you feel? ›

The effects of this Sativa/Indica strain can be couch-locking for beginners, inducing deep and peaceful sleep, but they can also be very pleasant, leaving you feeling happy and uplifted. Common uses for Runtz weed include relaxation, chronic stress relief, and body pain relief.

Is runtz a bad strain? ›

The resulting Runtz strain is known for its sweet, fruity aroma and flavor as well as its balance of relaxing and energizing effects. The smoke from Runtz is considered flavorful, silky, and creamy. This cannabis is renowned for producing long-lasting, uplifting, and euphoric effects.

What is the difference between pink runtz and runtz? ›

Pink Runtz and Runtz are undeniably similar strains; however, the difference lies within effects and flavor. Pink Runtz is commonly a phenotype of the Runtz OG strain, which means that it has the same parent genetics, Zkittlez x Gelato, but differs in regards to physical attributes such as flavor profile and aroma.

Is runtz a upper or downer? ›

Is Runtz an upper or downer? Runtz is a hybrid strain that provides a balanced effect between an upper (sativa) and downer (indica), leaving users feeling uplifted, euphoric, and relaxed.

What is the best runtz strain 2024? ›

Best Runtz Strain 2024

Super Runtz sits at the top for its exceptional combination of flavor and effect, making it a popular choice among connoisseurs and therapeutic users.

What strain is forbidden run? ›

Forbidden Runtz is an indica-dominant hybrid weed strain made from a genetic cross between Forbidden Fruit and Runtz.

Is A strawberry A sativa? ›

It's about 80% Sativa and 20% Indica, making it a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain. The Strawberry Fields strain is clouded in mystery, as little is known about its origins. Rumor has it that a farmer in Vermont grew the strain in their strawberry patch, which is where some of the flavor and aromas come from.

How does strawberry haze make you feel? ›

Strawberry Haze produces an energizing and uplifting high that has been reported to make people feel focused, happy, social, and talkative.

What strain has the strongest effects? ›

5 Strongest Weed Strains
  1. Godfather OG. This is also listed as one of the strongest weeds available on other sites. ...
  2. Strawberry-Banana. This one is a sativa-dominant strain that is described as having a pleasant, fruity taste. ...
  3. Bruce Banner. ...
  4. Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) ...
  5. Gorilla Glue #4.

What is the best strain of runtz? ›

Here is our list of top Runtz strains:
  • Red Runtz. ...
  • Grape Runtz. ...
  • Peach Runtz. ...
  • Black Runtz. ...
  • Pink Runtz. ...
  • Candy Runtz. ...
  • Super Runtz. Super Runtz strain can come as a 50/50 hybrid or lean slightly either way. ...
  • Strawberry Runtz. Strawberry Runtz strain is another potent variety (up to 32% THC).
Apr 15, 2024

How long does runtz high last? ›

The high from Runtz is incredibly powerful and long-lasting, with effects that can last for several hours. The strain is known for its cerebral high, which can be euphoric and uplifting. It also has strong body relaxation effects, making it perfect for use at night or when you need to unwind.

Why are runtz so popular? ›

Perhaps the main reason for the enduring popularity of Runtz cannabis seeds is the delicious, sweet candy taste/aroma. It's rare to enjoy such a distinctively candy-like flavours in combination with 20%+ THC levels which slap hard with euphoric uplifting effects.

How big does Runtz strain get? ›

With a max height of 180cm (that's around 6 feet), Runtz isn't the smallest plant - but with some basic training methods, you can keep each plant at an easily manageable height for indoor grow spaces.

What is the super runtz strain? ›

Super Runtz cannabis tastes like a premium Runtz with lots of grapey, gassy, Zkittlez and Gelato flavors, and relaxing indica hybrid effects. Super Runtz is noted for having striking white trichomes that make its buds look white like snow.

Is Berry Runtz a good strain? ›

Berry Runtz is 20% THC, making this strain an ideal choice for experienced cannabis consumers. Leafly customers tell us Berry Runtz effects include euphoric, sleepy, and creative. Medical marijuana patients often choose Berry Runtz when dealing with symptoms associated with insomnia, pain, and stress.

Is runtz Cake strong? ›

Runtz Cake is 18% THC and 1% CBG. The dominant terpene in this strain is caryophyllene, which is often associated with spicy flavor profiles. Medical marijuana patients sometimes buy this strain when experiencing mild episodes of anxiety.

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