Michael Tell, Patty Duke Ex-Husband: Age, Son Sean Astin, Now (2024)

Michael Tell is best known as the former celebrity husband of late actress Patty Duke.

Despite having his own identity as a record promoter, Michael received fame as Patty’s ex-husband.

Here in the article, we have compiled every possible detail about him.

Michael Tell Quick Facts

Wiki and Bio
Full NameMichael Tell
Nick NameMichael
ProfessionRecord Promoter, Publisher
Famous asFormer Husband of Patty Duke
Date of Birth1950
Birthplace/HometownUnited States
SexualityHeterosexual (Straight)
Sun Sign (Zodiac Sign)Virgo
Height (in feet)5 feet 9 inches
Height (in centimeters)175 cm
Weight (in pounds)169 lbs
Weight (in kilograms)77 kg
Body Measurements (in inches)Update soon
Body Measurements (in centimeters)Update soon
Biceps SizeUpdate soon
Shoe Size in US13
Tattoo DetailsNone
Eye ColorDark
Hair ColorBlack
ParentsUpdate Soon
SiblingsUpdate Soon
Marital StatusSeparated After 13 Days of Marriage
Dating HistoryUpdate Soon
Partner/SpousePatty Duke (Former)
ChildrenSean Astin (with Patty Duke)
Highest QualificationUpdate soon
SchoolUpdate soon
Alma MaterUpdate soon
Hobbies & FavoritesUpdate soon
Favorite CelebritiesUpdate soon
Dream HolidayUpdate soon
Favorite ColorUpdate soon
InterestsUpdate soon
Net Worth$1 million
Salary & EarningsUpdate soon
InstagramUpdate soon
TikTokUpdate soon

Michael Tell Age, Background

Michael Tell is a native of the United States who was born around 1950.

As of today, in 2024, Michael Tell is 74 years old.

Unfortunately, his exact birth date and place are unknown to the public domain.

Furthermore, his early life, his parent’s whereabouts, along with his education, remains a big question as he has never addressed it.

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Michael Tell & Patty Duke’s Relationship

Michael Tell was married to the late American actress Patty Duke, and their marriage story is indeed quite intriguing.

The two first crossed paths at a restaurant, with Patty Duke already being a renowned figure in the film industry.

After meeting, they developed a friendly bond that gradually evolved into a romantic relationship.

Interestingly, while Michael was subletting one of Patty’s apartments and finalizing the rental agreement, the topic of marriage came up in their conversation.

In this discussion, Michael made a promise of marriage to Patty.

In a rather swift turn of events, just a few days after they began dating, the couple impulsively decided to tie the knot on June 26, 1970, which, by conventional standards, might be considered a hasty decision.

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Michael & Patty Separate

Reportedly, around the time of their marriage, Patty Duke was allegedly on the verge of a mental breakdown.

A few years later, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, shedding light on her past behaviors and struggles.

It appeared that the couple had not fully acquainted themselves with each other’s habits and personalities, making their marriage seem rushed in hindsight.

Additionally, their union was widely perceived as a joke by the outside world.

This perception seemed justified when the couple split just 13 days after getting married. A year later, they officially annulled their marriage.

Despite their brief marriage, Patty Duke and John Astin welcomed a son together, Sean Patrick Astin, born on February 25, 1971, nearly a year after their separation.

Today, Sean Patrick Astin is 53 years old.

Michael Tell, Patty Duke Ex-Husband: Age, Son Sean Astin, Now (1)

After Sean was born, a lot of people asked questions regarding his biological father.

Sean is now an actor, producer, and director.

He has credits for roles in movies like ‘Lord of Rings Trilogy,’ ‘Stranger Things,’ ‘Like Father Like Son’ and many more.

He is happily married to his wife, Christine Harrell, and the duo shares three cute kids together.

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Who Is Sean’s Biological Father? Michael Tell

Michael Tell, Patty Duke Ex-Husband: Age, Son Sean Astin, Now (2)

After Patty’s split from Michael, she entered into a relationship with fellow actor John Astin.

At that time, John was still married to his wife Suzanne, which led Patty and John to keep their relationship a secret.

In 1971, while Patty was dating John, their son Sean was born.

However, the situation became somewhat confusing as Patty was involved in multiple relationships simultaneously.

Eventually, Patty and John got married, and John effectively adopted Sean.

When Sean turned 14, Patty confessed to him that his biological father was Desi Arnaz Jr, her partner before she married Michael.

Sean even tried to establish a bond with Arnaz, believing him to be his biological dad.

Things became even more complicated when Sean met one of Michael Tell’s relatives who claimed that “they are related.”

This prompted Sean to seek the truth and urged all three potential fathers to undergo a paternity test.

In the end, the test conclusively proved that Michael was his biological father, leaving no room for doubt.

This was what Sean had to say,

“Desi Arnaz, Jr. loves me, and I love him. We are so close. Science tells me that he’s not my biological father. Science tells me that Mike Tell is.”

After the confusion about his biological father ended, Sean stated that he considers himself his actual father.

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Sean Considers John Astin As His Father

Clarifying the statement, Sean said how he looks at Michael as his biological father but considers John Astin, the man who raised him since childhood, as his father figure.

“If you want to know who I am, John Astin is my father, Michael Tell is my biological father. I have a good relationship with Mike. That’s who I am. I don t fault anybody, I don t fault myself or with Desi, who is like my godfather, I have such a powerful love bond with this man; he’s a gorgeous human being.”

As of today, Sean and Michael have a great relationship together. Astin revealed that they’re more like friends.

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Who Is 13-Day Wife Patty Duke?

Patty Duke is a well-renowned American actress best known for her role as Helen Killer, the miracle worker in the movie.

She is the recipient of many prestigious awards like the academy and Emmy awards for her phenomenal acting and characters in movies over time.

Some of her best-credited movies are: ‘My Sweet Charlie,’ ‘The Miracle Worker,’ and many others.

Patty famously married four times.

She married Harry Falk in 1965. Less than five years later, Patty and Harry divorced one another.

The same year Patty and Harry Falk divorced, she married Michael Tell.

Patty and Michael’s marriage only lasted 13 days, after which the couple separated. Within a year, the couple got their marriage annulled.

After her separation from Michael, two years later, Patty married John Astin, a fellow American actor.

After more than a decade of relationship, Patty and John divorced and went their separate ways.

Lastly, Patty married Michael Pearce in 1986. She and Michael remained married to her drill sergeant husband until her death.

On March 29, 2016, the academy-winning actress passed away from a ruptured intestine caused by Sepsis.

Although gone, Patty’s memories remain.

She’s survived by her husband Michael Pearce and her three children Sean Astin,Mackenzie Astin,and Kevin Pearce, from three different marriages.

Patty welcomed Sean Astin from her short-lived marriage with Michael Tell.

Mackenzie Astin was born to Patty and her third husband, John Astin.

Lastly, her youngest son, Kevin Pearce, was born from her marriage to Michael Pearce.

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Where is Michael Tell Today?

Michael Tell is a name famous as Patty Duke’s ex-husband. However, he wasn’t just a celebrity husband.

Michael worked as a Record Promoter engaged in song advertisem*nt/distributing and a publisher as well.

Moreover, after splitting with Patty, Tell totally withdrew himself from the media attention and went ahead to live his simple life just like before.

As of today, he enjoys a quiet life with his family and remains private about his personal affairs.

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Michael Tell Net Worth

As of 2024, Michael has accumulated an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Tell’s $1 million fortune remains as a speculative number.

On the other hand, his son, Sean Astin who appeared as ‘Samwise Gamgee’ in ‘The Lord of the Rings trilogy,’ has a net worth of $10 million.

Michael Tell is 74 years old today. He was born in 1971, in United States of America.

Michael Tell was married to famous actress Patty Duke in 1970 for 13 days. The couple separated thirteen days after their wedding and later annulled their marriage within a year.

Michael Tell has a son named Sean Astin with Patty Duke. For years, Sean thought his biological father was Desi Arnaz Jr. However, after lots of confusion, a paternity test showed that Michael Tell was the biological father.

Today, Michael Tell lives a quiet life in his United States home with his new family.

Michael Tell, Patty Duke Ex-Husband: Age, Son Sean Astin, Now (2024)
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