Leafly Buzz: 12 hot cannabis strains of May 2024 (2024)

Fresh off some Memorial Day grilling and chilling, we have a baker’s dozen of elite weed picks to heat up your summer, Leafly Nation.

We not only crawled the online menus, stores, and grow rooms. We threw a freaking weed festival—SF Weed Week—and invited all the dopest growers down. And you know what, the honey pot worked. We spent the last four weeks elbows deep in bags of hype trees. Here’s our unmissable hits of May:

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  • Trop Cherry
  • Lemon Tree
  • Candy Fumez
  • Permanent Marker
  • True Ryder OG
  • Peppermint Sleighride
  • Guava Runtz x Cherry Gushers
  • Randy Watson
  • Lemon Pepper by MOCA
  • Tangerine Sunrise by UpNorth
  • Wagyu by Clout King
  • LA Pop Rocks x Purple Push Pop by Seven Leaves
  • Cherry Marker + Whitethorn Rose hash hole by Rosin Tech

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Leafly Buzz: 12 hot cannabis strains of May 2024 (1)

Trop Cherry


Leafly Buzz: 12 hot cannabis strains of May 2024 (2)

Trop Cherry (aka Tropicana Cherry) keeps winning all summer, gang. Tropicana Cookies x Cherry Cookies F3 from Relentless Genetics out of Colorado leaves you focused, energetic, and creative. We need those attributes during the long days. It smells and tastes like it sounds—with tropical citrus, plus berry and tree fruit notes. “The best sativa I’ve had—bar none,” said one reviewer.

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Lemon Tree


Happy, energetic, and talkative, the modern classic Lemon Tree kept growing in popularity this month. It’s Lemon Skunk x Sour Diesel, so it has a serious punch. The lemon and diesel taste is just lip-smacking in the sun.

Candy Fumez


Leafly Buzz: 12 hot cannabis strains of May 2024 (3)

Hype growers and hashmakers like 710 Labs helped propel Candy Fumez to new heights in May. The breeder Bloom Seed Co made this strain to dump hash and satisfy the cracked sweet tooth of cannabis culture. Mission accomplished. It’s Z x Sherbanger and maybe the start of a new Era. “Anytime you can get your hands on this don’t make the mistake of buying small!,” said one Leafly reviewer.

Permanent Marker


Leafly Buzz: 12 hot cannabis strains of May 2024 (4)

Give yourselves a high five, Leafly smokers, we did it. The Leafly Strain of the Year 2023 Permanent Marker has settled into a top 10 groove on the West Coast. Shop for phenomenal examples from Connected Cannabis Co., and CAM; plus new crosses from Seven Leaves, and badder from Arcata Fire.

New in the Leafly strain database

Leafly Buzz: 12 hot cannabis strains of May 2024 (5)

True Ryder OG

As the real OGs become harder and harder to find—look North. Arcanna brand outdoor Mendocino County True Ryder OG didn’t last long on the review shelf this May. It’s a mix of Fire OG x (True Kush x Blue Dream) x Big Cherry (aka Sour Cookies) for that gassed-out peppery pine fuel fun. When you’ve earned some time lounging by the river, True Ryder OG will make the sunlight and the colors even better.

Peppermint Sleighride

Leafly Buzz: 12 hot cannabis strains of May 2024 (6)

May is still a peak season for 2023 outdoor—it’s all in how you store and cure it. You know who’s good at that? Emerald Cup-winning Greenshock Farms. They brought down some small batches of Peppermint Sleighride for SF Weed Week in April. We’ve been smoking through a half-ounce of it from Solful for the last month—returning to its candied grapefruit, pine, and mint taste, and its happy, present, and content feelings. It’s Purple Candy Cane x Pina from Mark at Greenshock, who also swears by those outdoor smells and effects.

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Guava Runtz x Cherry Gushers

Leafly Buzz: 12 hot cannabis strains of May 2024 (7)

Turning to hype indoor flavors now, Bosky Genetics is burning up California with its pristine, loud, and potent lineup. Everything Bosky grows hits like a dump truck, but the Guava Runtz x Cherry Gushers has legit cherry terps that’ll make the heads swear, “GYAT!” Ryan Bosky melds decades of grow room experience with custom in-house flavors like this for small-batch, premium craft.

Randy Watson

Smoking through the Emerald Cup pre-roll judges kit in the sub-category hash holes put me on to Randy Watson—a cross of Runtz x Wedding Crashers. We’ve seen 710 Labs work with it and now the hash hole brand Dunkz. It’s dessert candy terps with more earthy funk. Randy Watson is an incidental character in Coming to America 1988, that’s become a pop culture reference.

Picks of the dispensaries

Leafly Buzz: 12 hot cannabis strains of May 2024 (8)

New on shelves

Lemon Pepper by MOCA

Leafly Buzz: 12 hot cannabis strains of May 2024 (9)

Eureka, CA indoor living soil growers MOCA have some sativa to go with your sunshine—Lemon Pepper. It’s Lemon Cooler x Lemon Pebblez for super-lemony, but syrupy and dank. Not thin or grassy. For those who like Gelonade, gas, and lemon, you can work on Lemon Pepper. MOCA grows batches measured in pounds or tens of pounds, and they can’t keep them on shelves. This is a strong Buy.

Burning up the charts

Tangerine Sunrise by UpNorth

Leafly Buzz: 12 hot cannabis strains of May 2024 (10)

Start your day on UpNorth’sTangerine Sunrise for deep, candied tangie syrup and dank vibes with your cup of coffee. Sleep in, make some waffles, wake and bake, and get gardening. UpNorth has its pick of fine legacy producers in the Emerald Triangle and only brings out 6-star stunners. Tangerine Sunrise is a cross of Hawaiian Sunrise and Tangerine Haze.


Ballin out

Wagyu by Clout King

The brand Clout King brings fire to the masses in several states. One standout this quarter—their Wagyu. It’s a Meatbreath crossed with a Lemon Cherry Gelato, so the savory rank terps from the Meatbreath get dialed back by the crowd-favorite LCG. Leafly’s reviewers get unique apricot, chestnuts, and coffee notes off this strain. It leaves folks tingly, sleepy and relaxed. Some use it for stress and mood stabilization. That tracks, because after a big serving of Wagyu, good luck stressing about much of anything

Ballin’ on a budget

LA Pop Rocks x Purple Push Pop by Seven Leaves

One thing we love about legal weed—the joints and the nugs have gotten so much bigger. What they sell as “smalls” looks and smokes completely bomb. Sacramento, CA-based indoor brand Seven Leaves brought out smalls of candy sherbert strain LA Pop Rocks x Purple Push Pop, and it gets us there. It tests at 27% THC, which is plenty, and you pay for less stem.

High Note

Leafly Buzz: 12 hot cannabis strains of May 2024 (11)

Cherry Marker + Whitethorn Rose hash hole by Rosin Tech

Leafly Buzz: 12 hot cannabis strains of May 2024 (12)

I’m judging the Emerald Cup pre-rolls this month, I don’t think most people are ready for the new “hash hole” era we find ourselves in. Rosin Tech Labs has a hash-loaded mega-joint that’s 1.3 grams of CAM Cherry Marker flower paired with 0.3 grams of Huckleberry Hill Farms Whitethorn Rose rosin. The rare cherry pheno of Permanent Marker smelled and tasted like cherries from the jar note to the dry hit to the burn. The delicate, floral, soaring Whitethorn Rose comes through when the rosin ignites. This joint could fade, like, 10 people. Smoke the whole thing with a buddy, and your day is over.

And that’s a baker’s dozen Leafly Buzz picks to round out May 2024. The action gets hot and heavy as travel and contest season ramp, so download the app and turn on notifications to scoop the zaza before the custies beat you to it.

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Leafly Buzz: 12 hot cannabis strains of May 2024 (2024)


What is the hardest cannabis strain to grow? ›

Landrace strains, especially landrace Sativas, are widely considered to be the most challenging strains to cultivate due to their exceptionally long flowering periods.

What is the biggest yielding cannabis strain? ›

Top 10 Highest Yielding
  1. Critical Mass. Genetics. Indica-dominant. ...
  2. Critical Kush. Genetics. Indica (90-100%) ...
  3. Industrial Plant. Genetics. Indica/sativa (50/50) ...
  4. Monster. Genetics. Sativa-dominant (80%) ...
  5. Big Bud. Genetics. Indica-dominant (85%) ...
  6. Sweet Moby. Genetics. Sativa-dominant. ...
  7. Big Foot. Genetics. ...
  8. Brian Berry Cough. Genetics.

What is the super runtz strain? ›

Super Runtz is a cross of Super Lemon Cherry Gelato and Runtz. Super Runtz may produce a high that's both euphoric and relaxing, this strain has a smooth flavor that mostly matches the smell, with additional tropical and earthy hints. Effects may be felt in both the head and body.

What is the best strain ever? ›

Let's get started.
  • Northern Lights Feminized – Editor's choice as Best for Blissful Serenity.
  • Sour Diesel Feminized – Best for Stimulating Focus.
  • Papaya Kush – Best for Exotic Delights.
  • Blue Dream – Best for Dreamy Inspiration.
  • DNA Cake Auto – Best for Indulgent Relaxation.
  • Black Gorilla Strain – Best for Intense Euphoria.

What strain has the longest lasting high? ›

Our Top Picks: The Best Cannabis Strains for a Long-Lasting High
  • Blissful Wizard – Top Energizing Hybrid for long-lasting high.
  • Durban Poison – People's Choice for Longer Effects.
  • Pink Gorilla – Delicious Indica Quality.
  • GMO Cookies – Powerful Pain & Stress Relief.
  • Kansas City Kush – Top Shelf Indica for Powerful Effects.

What is Snoop Dogg's favorite cannabis strains? ›

Snoop has mentioned his love for the strain Girl Scout Cookies or 'GSC' for short. If you're interested to know what GSC will do for you in terms of creativity, I would recommend the BOLD - Craft Sampler Hybrid Pre-Rolls 3 pack, which has 3 different strains, one including Sunset Sherbet x The Mint Girl Scout Cookies.

What is the best high yielding fast finishing strain? ›

Northern Lights and Maple Leaf Indica are especially delicious examples of the fastest, biggest yielding strains, and their seven to eight week flowering period could allow a whole extra harvest per year.

What is the most resilient cannabis strain? ›

Mango Kush Feminized / CBD Mango Feminized

Mango Kush is a cross between Mango and Hindu Kush. As Kush plants naturally grow in dry, arid and mountainous areas, they are a hardy plant that can withstand harsh environments.

Which runtz is the strongest? ›

There are so many Runtz strains to choose from, so you may want to narrow down your options and go for the strongest. If you're looking for the most potent Runtz strain to blow your top off, go for these ones: Strawberry Runtz – 32% THC. Coochie Runtz – 29% THC.

What strain is pure runtz? ›

Pure Runtz is a heady phenotype of the popular Runtz family. These frosty buds have beautiful purple tones, and a fruity diesel aroma that expands into grape notes when broken down.

What two strains make runtz? ›

Runtz Strain is a hybrid cannabis strain created by crossing the popular Gelato and Zkittlez strains. Also hailed as a hybrid strain of the Cookies family, this potent strain is known for its sweet and fruity flavors, which has earned it a lot of popularity among cannabis users.

Is indica or sativa harder to grow? ›

Indica plants may have originated in slightly cooler and dryer environments. In addition to growing quickly and flowering in a shorter amount of time, indica plants often produce higher yields. This makes them easier to grow than sativa plants.

What are the hardest indica strains? ›

Potent indica marijuana strains also feature among the bright purple cannabis varieties, including some of the highest THC strains—Grandmommy Purple and Gorilla Glue. Anyone looking for a potent strain should find a new favorite in this list. Granddaddy Purple.

Why is chemdawg hard to grow? ›

Chemdog's dense buds are susceptible to mold, so proper air circulation is crucial. Grow in rich, healthy soil or hydroponically to help combat issues with mold or infection. Want to learn more about growing marijuana? Check out Leafly's Growing Guide to get tips and advice from expert growers.

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