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1. Jonathan Aryan Jafari | Yooka-Laylee Wiki - Fandom

  • " Playtonic Games on Twitter. Jon Jafari, known by his YouTube channel: "JonTron," was a voice actor for Yooka-Laylee. His channel is mostly video-game-based ...

  • "get practising your gobbledygook BK style! A microphone with googly eyes on will be coming your way!"Playtonic Games on Twitter Jon Jafari, known by his YouTube channel: "JonTron," was a voice actor for Yooka-Laylee. His channel is mostly video-game-based and is often characterized by its reverence of the Banjo-Kazooie franchise. He was asked on Twitter by Playtonic Games to voice a character for them after giving them a shoutout.[1] In a Day 1 patch of Yooka-Laylee, JonTron's lines as the Spac

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  • Jonathan Aryan Jafari (b. 24 March 1990), better known as JonTron, is an American YouTuber known for his game reviews and comedic sketch content.

  • Jonathan Aryan Jafari (b. 24 March 1990), better known as JonTron, is an American YouTuber known for his game reviews and comedic sketch content. In May 2017 Jafari garnered controversy following airing anti-immigrant beliefs on Twitter and on a political debate steam, including statements to the effect of stating Mexicans were immigrating to the United States as part of a plot to annex American land, and that he believed wealthy Black people committed more crime than poor white people.[1] Video

3. JonTron's Racist Tweets: Everything you need to know about the ... - Mic

4. JonTron Tweet | Yooka-Laylee - Know Your Meme

  • See more 'Yooka-Laylee' images on Know Your Meme!

5. YouTube personality JonTron (Jon Jafari) has gone too far with ...

  • 19 mrt 2017 · Although fans continued to justify his views, this all came to a head on March 12, 2017, when JonTron made this lovely tweet regarding Steve ...

  • YouTube star JonTron under fire for controversial comments on race and immigration TIME (@TIME) March 15, 2017 This whole stupid system relies on rational people being shamed into shutting up. Glad to see that slowly falling apart Jon Jafari (@JonTronShow)…

6. JonTron - RationalWiki

  • 27 mei 2024 · “”I just think it's funny that a couple of logical tweets have made me a 'conservative,' such a strong label.

  • AlexJontron Jonathan "JonTron" Jafari (1990–) is a popular YouTuber who reviews awful, old, or obscure video games and movies in a comedic manner. He was formerly the co-host of Game Grumps. Jafari's channel has 6.66 million subscribers and 1.17 billion views (as of 21 October 2021).[3]

7. JonTron addresses anti-immigration remarks and fallout in new interview

  • 5 dec 2017 · ... Twitter account. Though he hasn't been shy about liking tweets by prolific right-wing and alt-right voices about subjects like anti-immigration.

  • ‘I understand why people had the reaction they did’

8. Jon Twitter and Z0ne reply | JonTron - Know Your Meme

  • JonTron - Jon Twitter and Z0ne reply. seguir @JonTronShow When I staart postin on iwiiior its lik org*sming when your dad walks. Share Pin · FBI WA NG FBI ...

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9. The JonTron Controversy Explained - The Mary Sue

  • 15 apr 2024 · Of course, the response to the Tweet was largely users questioning in what world JonTron “won.” ... — Brian K Myers ...

  • Jonathan Jafari (a.k.a. JonTron) recently re-entered public discourse, which led to his controversies resurfacing.

10. Playtonic remove YouTuber JonTron from Yooka-Laylee due to far-right ...

  • 23 mrt 2017 · Upcoming platformer Yooka-Laylee had a cameo in it from popular YouTuber Jon Jafari, aka JonTron. Following a spate of videos and tweets ...

  • Upcoming platformer Yooka-Laylee had a cameo in it from popular YouTuber Jon Jafari, aka JonTron. Following a spate of videos and tweets where he expressed far-right views, that cameo is being stripped out in an update.

11. Jontron twitter - Hobby Tips

  • Infamous YouTuber JonTron, real name Jonathan Aryan Jafari, was recently trending on Twitter following a slew of tweets about Dr. Anthony Fauci. https:// www.

  • https:// › JonTronShow

Jontron Twitter (2024)


Where is JonTron now? ›

However, he moved back to his New York City after his tenure with Game Grumps ended. Jon has lent his voice to various pieces of video game-based media. He voiced the moon penguins and Owl Receptionist in the beloved indie game, A Hat In Time.

Is JonTron Hungarian? ›

He is of Hungarian descent on his mother's side, and Iranian descent on his father's side. He attended Palos Verdes Peninsula High School from 2004 to 2008.

Who is JonTron's wife? ›

Charlotte Claw is Jon Jafari's wife.

Are PBG and JonTron still friends? ›

Jon has appeared in several of PBG's videos, including both of them playing in PBG's Minecraft Hardcore series. He has his own wiki here. Austin later revealed on Twitter that they're not friends anymore.

Are Jon and Arin friends? ›

Jonathan "Jon" Jafari (born 24 March 1990), more commonly known on the internet as JonTron, is an entertainer the co-founder and former co-host of the show Game Grumps, alongside his friend Arin Hanson.

Is Dan Avidan married? ›

Personal life. Avidan announced his marriage to his wife, Ashley Anderson, on an episode of Game Grumps, which was uploaded on February 2, 2022.

Is JonTron still married? ›

Charlotte Jafari is known for I'll Make a Man Out of You Metal Cover - Mulan (2020) and JonTron (2010). She has been married to Jon Jafari since 23 October 2019.

What species is Jacques from JonTron? ›

Jacques (pronounced Zh-ock) is a green-cheeked conure parrot who is one of four pets seen on the show, and the first one seen by the viewers. Jacques has his wings clipped, so he cannot fly.

What is JonTron's real name? ›

Jonathan Aryan Jafari, known by his internet pseudonym JonTron, is an American comedian, reviewer, and internet personality.

Who was in Normalboots? ›

Normal Boots is an online video game reviewer guild that consisted of PeanutButterGamer, JonTron, The Completionist, Continue?, and DidYouKnowGaming? As is the standard with many reviewer guilds, each member would often make a cameo or guest star in each others' videos.

Is JonTron still with Normal Boots? ›

Although Jon is no longer considered an active participant of Normal Boots, he is still considered an honorary member.

Is JonTron a good singer? ›

He is considered a good singer by many, mostly fans. Jon is interested in and has a long history with the art of drama, which connects with his singing. A notorious catchphrase of Jon is "ech".

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