James Patterson Witch & Wizard Series Collection : Witc… (2024)

Catie Belle

6 reviews

April 14, 2024

This series was a wild roller coaster in every way. The story line, loved it. The messages, beautiful.
But using 4 co-authors? Horrible idea. Each book felt different. There were plot holes and things that just didn't make sense.
It's dark and twisty, but also funny and inspiring.
It's a great story for teenagers and young adults, I still recommend the read. It's an easy one anyway. Just be prepared to possibly constantly think "why?!"


7 reviews

August 15, 2019

This series was awesome. This only shows the diversity that Patterson has with writing. His expansion from suspense has gone to light romance, young adult science thriller fiction, middle school comedy fiction and children’s books. With all he never disappoints
Patterson is a very gifted and versatile writer.

Nancy Rowen / Ellis

53 reviews2 followers

May 11, 2019

I enjoyed this book. It was very easy and almost simple. But I thought the characters were strong and I cared about them. The topic was really interesting, almost like Salem Witch trials. I do recommend this book to young adults/older teens.

Abi Varner

2 reviews

June 27, 2019

Best books ever!


2,413 reviews

February 3, 2012

This is the third, and I am guessing final book in the Witch and Wizard series. I really love James Patterson's writing, and it is as fantastic as ever in this series and in this book, but I must say there were some things about this book that I did not love as much as his other books. Nevertheless, due to his writing, it is fantastic anyway. In this book, Whit and Whisty, brother and sister, wizard and witch, once again have a facedown with The One Who Is The One who has taken over the world and the underworld and is trying to become God. In order to do so, he needs Whisty's powers over fire and electricity. Together and apart, Whit and Whisty fight the One and his New Order in another gripping tale.
This is a fantastic ending to this series and if you liked the first two books in the series, you will love this one!

Brittany Best-Lloyd

9 reviews

February 28, 2012

I actually thought this book was going to be boring, but it was good.(I still think Maximum Ride was the best though).

There was this part when after Wisty became a witch, she lost her magic. She just broke down. This shows that she should not rely on her powers so much. To me she was perfectly find without them. Wisty said that she did not want to rely on her brother,so she is relying on her self.

I think it is interesting that two siblings had to learn to survive on their own, with no parents. Though, I don not think they would care, because their parents were the ones who did something wrong.


17 reviews


July 12, 2016

It was a normal night, just like every night. Whit wakes up seconds before himself and his little sister get taken away for good, but way? You see that's a question not even they can answer, but only time will tell. The have been captured and tortured for months now and they need a way out, and help comes on it's way. They then know that there is a future for them that they must follow, Whit a Wizard, and Wisty a Witch. They must save the whole world from utter destruction and thats also what they want. It's not that easy to just save the world, they must be carefull because someone is looking over them. Will they do it or will they be captured as well.


93 reviews3 followers

February 10, 2017

The books themselves are not that bad, but very basic in writing style and so not very engaging. I am sure for the younger crowd for which they are intended they are much better.

Mel Raschke

1,569 reviews2 followers


June 26, 2012

Third in the Witch and Wizard Series, this story kicks off where Whit and Wisty Allgood, accused wizard and witch, are on the run from the new order. Wisty is sick with the 'Blood Plague' and lies near death. Separated from the resistance, and desperate to find their friends, Whit is forced to trust the most unlikely of people, to ressurect the lost loved ones, and brush death more than once in this epic novel. Wisty, on the other hand, must fight her own battle against the sickness, and finds a friend in a bitter enemy.

Allison Vinson

51 reviews

July 28, 2012

This one was the best in the series. I would give it 3 1/2. If they do a spin off from this book, I'll probably read it. Nice meaning. Some similarities to Harry Potter, but very different cute series. Again don't take it to serious. It's meant for young readers.


191 reviews

June 13, 2014

Flighty and unfocused plot lines. James Patterson needs a really good editor to straighten this out. It reads like there were 10 different authors fighting to insert their idea of the storyline so it gets jumbled and does not flow well.

Lynn Goodrich

7 reviews27 followers

January 31, 2012

Couldn't put these books down and am passing them onto a friend


1 review


June 25, 2012

meh. okay, definatly not the best.


Amber Gibson

11 reviews1 follower

July 1, 2012

Nice ending but definitely leaves the reader ready for the obvious next series.


847 reviews1 follower

August 6, 2012

im over this book...and others that have children/teens doing unimaginable things for their lives and friends.

Grace Messi

303 reviews1 follower

September 26, 2012

Is this the last one? I kinda hope not…


10 reviews1 follower

August 25, 2012

Great ending to the trilogy. Can't wait for the obvious next installment.

Richard Bunaskavich

644 reviews2 followers

January 1, 2015

good books if you are into wizards and magic


135 reviews

April 30, 2017

I am not a fan of James Patterson's writing style and the two teenage protagonists, whose perspectives switch back and forth, are far too calm in the face of chaos for me. Combine that with a female witch who can't stop talking about how hot her brother is, and I've lost interest.

James Patterson Witch & Wizard Series Collection : Witc… (2024)
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