Best Wolcen Mage DPS Build 2023 (Elemental Fire & Frost) (2024)

In this article, we’ll walk you through the essential components for the best Wolcen mage build, focusing on maximizing DPS output while maintaining a solid defense. Whether you’re seeking to dominate the battlefield with powerful spells or are searching for the perfect balance between offense and survivability, this guide has got you covered.

We will discuss the key skills, equipment choices, attribute distribution, and strategic considerations that will make your mage build a force to be reckoned with.

For this Wolcen mage build, we’ll focus on utilizing a wide range of spells to overpower enemies. However, if you find yourself feeling vulnerable, consider swapping out a spell or two for Livor Mortis. It provides a 30% total damage reduction and supplemental damage, acting as a supportive option for survivability. For this guide, we will avoid Livor Mortis to explore greater variation.


The centerpiece of our build is the unique Canalised Staff, which grants additional bonuses to channeled spells like Annihilation. However, if you don’t have access to this stuff, a regular legendary staff will suffice. In terms of armor, aim for cooldown reduction close to the cap of 100% and a transfer time of at least 100+. Additionally, prioritize secondary stats that enhance elemental damage. To ensure a steady supply of Willpower, socket all your jewelry and belt with +25 Willpower Regen gems.

Gates of Fate (Skill Tree)

When allocating your skill points in the Gates of Fate, strike a balance between defensive nodes and those that boost your damage output. We recommend investing in defensive nodes such as Branded Burst and Purifiers Will to bolster your survivability. Furthermore, consider nodes like Omnitempest and Ancient Fervour, which not only provide damage bonuses but also synergize well with your elemental spell choices.

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Attribute Distribution

To optimize your character’s effectiveness, we suggest distributing attribute points evenly between Ferocity and Toughness, using a 50/50 split. This balanced approach ensures you have both the offensive power to annihilate foes and the resilience to withstand enemy attacks.

Complete Breakdown of Mage DPS Build

Active Skills

Aether JumpTeleport on the target locatipon.
AnomalyCast a vortex on the target location that pulls enemies after a short while and deals damage in AoE at regular intervals.
SolarfallChannel a ray from the sky that deals damage over time in AoE. While channeling a ray, the AoE moves in the targeted direction.
Winter’s GraspCast a nova that applies an ailment and deals damage around you.
Bulwark of DawnCast AoE around you that heals you and your allies.
AnnihilationChannel a damaging beam. Your turn speed is determined by spell-casting speed.
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  • 12% Attack Damage
  • 79% Spell Damage
  • 30% Ailment Damage
  • 8% Damage
  • Dawn’s Pious Striker also applies to Champion Enemies
  • 25% Sacred Damage
  • When your Force Shield is full, the Damage taken is reduced by 20%. Only applies if your maximum Force Shield is greater than half of your maximum Health
  • 15% Reduced Damage taken per Tenet point
  • 10% Material Damage
  • 5% Melee Weapon Damage
  • 10% Projectile Damage
  • 49% Elemental Damage
  • 15% Occult Damage
  • 40% Damage dealt by Summons
  • 10% Toxic Damage
  • 12% Critical Damage
  • 55% Critical Chance Score
  • 20% Critical Damage Multiplier
  • 50% Spell Critical Chance Score while Willpower is above 75%
  • When you kill an Enemy, you increase the Damage Type corresponding to each. Ailment Stack on that Enemy by 2% (up to 5 Stacks per Damage Type)
  • Can now apply 1 additional Ailment(s)
  • +12% Ailment Chance Score


  • +10% Attack Speed
  • +15% Spell Casting Speed
  • +10% Movement Speed
  • +12% Skill Cooldown Reduction

Health & Force Shield

+30% Maximum Health
+10% Summons Health
+35% Health Regeneration
+30% Force Shield
+19% Force Shield Regeneration Rate
+20% Force Shield Regeneration Delay Reduction

Block & Dodge

  • +16% Passive Dodge Chance Score


  • +35% to All Resistances Score
  • +25% Elemental Resistance Score


  • +9% Rage Cost Reduction
  • +29% Willpower Cost Reduction
  • 550 maximum Willpower and Rage
  • +5 Additional radius for picking up Health Globes
  • When your Force Shield is above +50%, you gain +35% Sacred Spell Damage.When your Force Shield is below+50%, you gain +35% Sacred Attack Damage
  • +40 Wisdom
  • +120% Ailment Stack Duration
  • You gain 1 Tenet point every 2s, up to 5 points. When you are Hit, 1 Tenet point is consumed
  • 20 Willpower on Hit
  • Launch a Meteor at the targeted location when a Fire Skill is used. The Meteor deals 900% Weapon Damage. 5s Cooldown
  • Launch a Frost Lance at the targeted location when a Frost Skill is used. The Frost Lance deals 900% Weapon Damage. 5s Cooldown
  • Launch a Chain Lightning at the targeted location when a Lightning Skill is used.TheChain Lightning deals 900% Weapon Damage. 5s Cooldown
  • +10% Willpower Regeneration
  • Enemies that die in a +20m radius around you have a +10% chance to drop green globes. Picking up green globes gives you an additional +20% Damage as Toxic Damage per green globe during +5s
  • Skills that inflict Fire, Frost, or Lightning Damage grant passive Bonuses called Accords. Up to 2 Accord(s) can be active simultaneously. Triggered Accords cannot be changed during 1s.
  • Fire triggers Abanazaar’s Accord for 5s unless it is triggered again. You have 20%Damage when Abanazaar’s Accord is active.
  • Frost triggers Etheliel’s Accord for 5s unless it is triggered again. You have a 50% Ailment Chance Score when Etheliel’s Accord is active.
  • Lightning triggers Beelmalik’s Accord for 5s unless it is triggered again. You have a 50% Critical Chance Score when Beelmalik’s Accord is active.

That’s the best mage DPS elemental build for Wolcen Lords of Mayhem in 2023. Have other suggestions? Let me know in the comments below.

Best Wolcen Mage DPS Build 2023 (Elemental Fire & Frost) (2024)
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