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UPDATE: Currently done GR 136 @ 74 with this with no 5th spell & pushing! 2h staff will work once you unlock tier 12 block gems (Eternal Alexandrite - 10% block) and near completion of the tree. Attack speed rune on archers is OP ;) Made the transition to 6 archers + Livor mage with dmg share & 2 attack speed runes (bubble protects them) + Tank parasite (Looking to rid this for either 9 archers or 2 livor mages once i've unlocked duplicate 2)

The recent insane buffs to summons made them tankier, deal a lot more damage & are viable for completing endgame content:

"Summons damage from level 40 to level 90 are also increased from + 20% to + 200%"


GR 108 Boss Fight: 4:20
Stats: 5:08
Tree: 5:48
Gear: 7:43
Spells: 8:45


  • Full wisdom

  • 80% block chance is easily obtainable by level 65~

  • Once you max block % chance with gems, get block efficiency to 75% then all res

  • Movespeed on boots feels amazing, I've got 32% + some nodes

  • You need a catalyst for reaching that juicy 100% block as 3 defensive 1 slots = 3 block % chance gems

  • Daggers or 1-handed swords work

  • Pistol shots have a 50%+ chance of applying weakness (Enemies do less dmg) - Get sacred dmg on attacks

  • Full heavy gear for the extra block % and higher all res. Prioritize ailment chance and resists

  • With the +15 globe pickup node 'Increased Awareness' which is basically half the screen, every health globe you auto pickup grants you 40% all res which is insane - 10k base would go to 14k thanks to your Praetorian passive 'Blessed Manna' AND restores 25% of your force shield instantly along with hp thanks to the node 'Thirst for Knowledge'

  • Summons don't scale with your + damage (eg. + % toxic damage). Sad.
    They do however get stronger per spell lvl, 3-4 nodes in the necro tree, spell + damage runes, CDR for the swarm actives and are bound to receive scaling buffs in due time
    There are also pink shoulders which give around 50% summon dmg & you can wear two!

How many summons can I have?

  • 3 melee zombies - Once you have all 3 out, pressing the spell again causes them all to dash and slash. Great for re-positioning on elites.

  • 3 ranged archer zombies. - Once you have all 3 out, pressing the spell again causes them all to fire at the cursor & gain AS. Great for redirecting focus.

  • Up to 5 Plagueburst rats (To proc "Horde's Vitality' = +30% poison dmg)

  • 1 Golem - Unkillable and can perma taunt bosses!

  • 1 Companion (Summons a random creature eg. Bear, Spider etc when you click on a companion shrine at the start of a GR) - Buffed by our necro nodes

  • 1 big parasite or 2 medium or 4 small (See below)

Ideal runes:
- Drinks around the table
- Leaking Life
- Afflicted Fiend - AILMENT %
- Scaphism
- On Shoulders Of Giants - STRONGER SUMMONS
- Milk Of Kindness - HEALTH GLOBES = + ALL RES
- Deterioration

The base damage on this skill far as I’m aware sucks. Most of the damage I get off it is just sheer stack abuse, but allows you to drop bosses within seconds of channeling... and after building up those stacks I can GTFO instead of continuing to channel. The life steal aspect of the spell is terribly useful and is a good offset to the fact you have to stand absolutely still while using it. One big drawback to the spell is the overall cast time coupled with having to select a 'valid target' when you begin your cast. Once you start, its locked on & will just stay on the target basically no matter what. So, it’s an okay spell overall and insanely good if your building to abuse status ailments.

Parasite works off a point system of some kind. Best estimate I have for the point total is 4. the source of that is if you grab the smallest crap mobs, you can total get 4 of them before they start dying off when you claim another one. Somewhere along the line however, the point value of mobs increases. I use size as a scale, though there's enough variance to that to make it highly uncertain. Basically if you get a mid-sized unit that doesn't have much in the way of special abilities, you can generally get 2 of them. Or 1 of them and 2 of the dinky units. I would highly suggest getting the big special units, which as far as i can tell always take all 4 slots. things like the Tormenters, Specters, and the big soul beasts that teleport.

Beyond just grabbing big units, there’s a few that deserve a special mention. Necromancers and Skriir mothers. Basically, if you parasite a unit that can spawn units, you get them AND their spawn. With a necromancer, the spawn is unbelievably slow, but you can get functionally an infinite amount. With the mothers though, not only do they fire the spawn at enemies directly, but the spawn themselves are relatively quick. Catch on them is that they can only have 6 at a time no matter what while parasited.

Also I highly recommend you use an AHK macro for the willpower potion only as you'll need to spam it often if aether jumping around - IT DOESN'T INTERFERE WITH YOUR JUMP OR PLAGUEBURST OR ARCHER ACTIVE! (Paste this into an AHK script and toggle on/off with `) :

toggle := false

toggle := !toggle
if toggle {
SetScrollLockState, on
} else {
SetScrollLockState, off

 while toggle { if WinActive("Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem") { Send {Blind}w Sleep 1 } else { toggle := !toggle SetScrollLockState, off } }return


I recommend the following Aether Jump runes:
Escape Artist - Increased range
March of the Time Devourers - BEST RUNE. Allows you to spam jump without a cd until your willpower runs out. That's why we use the macro. Insane quality of life/mobility.
Aetheral Bounce - Increased ATTACK & CAST SPEED. Makes you auto faster to regen willpower and (seemingly) cast the next jump faster as well as all of your spells, mainly the archer active but here's the interesting thing, i'm not sure if those interact with the plaguebringer nodes and actually boost summon damage too, can't tell, but i'll take it.
Interstitial Boost - INCREASED MOVEMENT SPEED. No brainer.
Time paradox - Removed all CROWD CONTROL EFFECTS. This is actually broken for 1 point.
Lastly i'd pick spirits of the void for the extra ailment stacks or (if you struggle to manage willpower) go for the willpower cost reduction in Quantum Mind, Auspex's Arrogance or per enemy passed while jumping in Feeding the Aether.

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/jusedofus

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100% BLOCK, 10K+ ALL RES TOXIC NECROMANCER S… - Forum (2024)
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